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Jun 17, 2019

Sheila and Maria discuss the importance and benefits of introducing children to animals of all kinds and offer suggestions for ways to do so.  


"A child who loves animals is an adult who has compassion for people." - Toni Payne


Whether you live in a small city apartment or down home on the farm, there is something for everyone.  Studies show that there are so many benefits, mentally, emotionally, and physically, of introducing children to animals at a young age.  From reducing anxiety and the possibility of developing asthma, and allergies, to learning compassion, kindness, and responsibility, there is just no reason to say no.

In this episode, we offer tips and suggestions for safe ways to begin introducing children to animals, ideas for types of pets that might be right for your home, and stories from our personal experience to inspire you to find the best way for your family to get involved with animals.


Resources From This Episode:

Contact Your Local SPCA for volunteer programs!