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Welcome to The Moms I Know Podcast!

We are two moms on a mission to reclaim childhood and help you find joy in your parenting journey.  Join us each week where we'll dive into the tough parenting topics to help you make conscious choices for family wellness.  Visit

Sheila Walsh Dunton is an NTP, GAPS practitioner who empowers women to live their best lives through healing foods and good thoughts.  She is the owner of Purple Beet Nutrition which offers information and coaching for moms so they can nourish themselves and establish healthy foundations for their children through nutrition, education, and family culture. You can find out more about Sheila on her website at

Maria Elaine Anderson Fahrner is a family educator and wellness consultant who is passionate about the future of families.  She is the owner of Soquel Essentials which offers education and workshops on nutrition, essential oils, non-toxic lifestyles, movement and family dynamics and lifelong learning. You can find out more about Maria on her website at

Affiliate Disclaimer:  Sheila and Maria have financial relationships with some of the websites and companies mentioned in this podcast, and may be compensated if consumers choose to click on these links on this website and ultimately sign up for them or make a purchase. These are fully disclosed as they appear on this website.

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