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Sep 9, 2019

Parenting from a place of peace and calm is one of the greatest challenges we face as moms.  Doing our self-work to heal our own trauma is key to being able to provide the best support and guidance to our children.  This conversation runs deep and special guest, Tamara Iglesias, is an expert on this topic.


“Having your child’s back means meeting their needs and feelings above the expectations, opinions, and eyes of others.”  - Tamara Iglesias


In this episode, we have the pleasure of welcoming Tamara Iglesias to the show.  Tamara is the founder of WellyNest, a conscious parenting company that focuses on shifting the way we raise our children by bringing awareness of self into the parenting journey.

Tamara shares her personal experience as well as how she works with families to support their effort to raise their children with the gift of wholeness and freedom from the scars and baggage we tend to carry as adults.  

Releasing our own trauma is essential to being able to sit with our children in their most difficult moments and have the strength to support them through their own challenges as they grow.  


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Tamara Iglesias, WellyNest: