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Jun 15, 2020

If you're considering homeschooling, you're likely also battling fears, anxieties, external pressures, logistical concerns, and many other worries.  In this episode with special guest, Linsey Hurley, you'll hear straight from a homeschool mom just like you, how she did it and why she thinks you can do it too!


"Children, they learn what they live."
- Dorthy Law Nolte


The idea of setting out on your homeschooling journey for the first time probably feels overwhelming.  You may feel alone and unsure if this is really the best path for your family.  A lot of the moms we talk with feel concerned about how their children will keep up with their peers who are in a traditional classroom setting and how homeschooling will affect their children in the long term.

In this week's special episode, we sit down with Linsey Hurley who graciously shares with us the ups and downs of her personal journey with homeschooling her 2 children.  Everything from their initial transition to homeschool to where her children are now, Linsey's concerns were some of the most commonly expressed by the moms we talk with daily.

Through all the uncertainty, Linsey found her tribe, gained confidence, and learned the secret to successful homeschooling, but we'll let you hear it from her.

Listen now to this special episode to learn how she did it!


Resources From This Episode:

John Holt, Growing without Schooling:
Grace Llewellyn, The Teenage Liberation Handbook:
Linsey Hurley, email:


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About Linsey Hurley:

Linsey Hurley has lived in Massachusetts all her life, attended UMass Amherst with a BA in agricultural economics a minor in Asian Studies and International Agriculture, worked on various farms, farmers markets, food coops, health food stores, and as a postpartum doula.

She became certified as a Holistic Health Coach and is now working primarily with energy Healing technologies.

Linsey Has 2 grown children - Joe who lives with his wife and daughter  in Thailand, and Elizabeth who is married with 3 children and lives in Istanbul.

Linsey unschooled Joe and Elizabeth from grades 3-9.


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