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Jun 8, 2020

Tired of gathering around the tv and longing for connection and conversation with your children or your partner?  This episode is for you!

When we can be intentional about designing and creating spaces that naturally inspire connection, gathering, and conversation, they can become a part of our family culture and we can have these experiences more often and with more ease. 

Maybe it’s a physical place like the kitchen table, the backyard fire pit, or the hot tub.  Or maybe it’s a frequent shared experience like going for long drives, getting pedicures, doing beach cleanup, gardening, or scrapbooking.  The type of “place” you create can take many forms, the important thing is that it becomes a constant on which your family can rely.  

There are so many benefits to creating safe places for family connection.  In this episode we share many of our personal “places” with you and hopefully inspire you to cultivate some of your own.  Whether your children are young or whether they are teenagers or even adults, it’s never too late!  Whether your home is small or expansive, you can create these intimate gatherings anywhere!  There’s no time like the present!


Resources From This Episode:

Virginia Wolf, A Room of Her Own


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