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Jan 21, 2019

Our episode on self-care focussed on what brings you joy and refills your cup so that you can parent from a place of fullness.  In this episode, we take this concept one step further and ask the question: How can we bring joy to others and fill each other's cups so that the women in our communities can serve from a place of fullness?


"Behind every strong woman…are more strong women." - Dr. Caroline Heldman


Historically, women have cared for one another and in many cultures, this is still the tradition.  In our society today, we often find women and mothers trying to "raise the bar", do it all on our own, and be "supermom". 

In this episode, we examine why our society has experienced this shift and how we can pull call ourselves back into alignment and be strong enough to ask for the help we need.

By giving ourselves a little "space... and grace" we can allow ourselves to receive the support of our communities, families, and friends with a little more ease.


Resources From This Episode:

Dr. Shefali Tsabary, The Awakened Family and The Conscious Parent

Brene Brown: