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Feb 25, 2019

Curiosity is an essential part of parenting.  If we can approach difficult parenting situations with a spirit of curiosity, we can be more open to understanding our children's needs and desires.  Special guest, Kate Robbins, a Transition Life Coach with The Clarity Council, and a mom we know, brings to the podcast her unique view of curiosity along with real-life examples for inspiration.


"Curiosity is the one thing invincible in nature." - Freya Stark


Children are innately curious, yet as we become adults, we often abandon the spirit of curiosity.  When we can approach conflict from a place of curiosity, we avoid blame and shame, and consequently gain clarity around the needs and desires of our children and loved ones.

Kate Robbins joins us on this episode to share with us how curiosity has played a vital role in her life experience, both as a Transition Life Coach and as a parent.


Resources From This Episode:

Kate Robbins, Transition Life Coach with The Clarity Council:

Grounding Meditation from Kate Robbins: