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Aug 3, 2018

The Moms I Know discuss the topic of simplifying in regard to physical possessions and family culture, and offer examples of why it’s important, what’s to gain, and how you can get started today.


“Every time you notice them and wish they were different, they pull energy from you. They are subtly subtracting energy from your life instead of adding energy to your life.” - Jack Canfield, The Success Principles


It's time to take stock of what gives you energy and what takes energy from you. Through our lives and parenting journies, we've become advocates for less is more and for living a more simple lifestyle with intention. In this episode, we share our stories, offer suggestions, and invite you to consider the possibility of intentionally surrounding yourself and your family with things that give you energy and bring joy and value to your life. 

Resources From This Episode:

Marie Kondo, The Magic Art of Tidying Up

Jack Canfield, The Success Principles

Kim John Payne, Simplicity Parenting

Peter Menzel, Material World