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Oct 8, 2018

Sheila and Maria interview birth and postpartum doula, Ana Hernandez, and discuss the importance of caring for and nurturing a mother throughout birth and postpartum.


"Childbirth is power in its purest and most natural form. It is wild and uncontrollable and takes us on a journey of surrender. Birth is about so much more than babies being born. It is about a mother finding her inner strength at her most vulnerable and powerful moment, which begins her unique and lifelong journey of mothering that child." - Brianna Z. Kauer, midwife


In this episode, Sheila and Maria welcome their first guest, Ana Hernandez, a birth and postpartum doula, to the podcast for an honest conversation about the journey to motherhood and the birthing of a new mother, baby, and family.

Ana brings a unique perspective to the power of and importance of postpartum care especially considering the impact it can have on the future of families and society as a whole.

Special Guest: Ana Hernandez, doula (


Resources From This Episode:

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Heng Ou, The First 40 Days
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